2019 Bombard Commando C5

The Commando is a boat made for action. It was built without embellishments: rigid keel, aluminum floor, it makes its way with power and precision, in all circumstances. Is it a surprise that it attracted explorers as well as fishing and spearfishing fans?

Basic Boat Info

Make: Bombard
Model: Commando C5
Year: 2019
Category: Power
Construction: Other


Length: 15'5 ft
Beam: 6'3 ft
Dry Weight: 282 lb

Engines / Speed

Engines: 1
  • Type: Outboard 4 Stroke


Maximum Number Of Passengers: 9
Boat Class: Inflatables


  • Rigid keel in 3 articulated elements with quick build up without tools
  • Monobloc anodized aluminum deck with rail
  • One aluminum engine support plate
  • Attach point for launching wheels
  • Two draining flushes

Buoyancy tube

  • Strongan Duotex fabric 2×1100 decitex
  • Assembled by thermobandage welding
  • Easy push valve
  • Headline lashing + front coaming
  • Deflector antichafing strip with ultra-wide profile
  • 2 “D” towing rings
  • 2 “D” lifting rings
  • Four exterior handles
  • One front metallic handle
  • Cone reinforcments

Standard equipment

  • 2 transport bags with multiple pockets
  • Rigid pre-equipped deck
  • Two paddles
  • One air-pump
  • One maintenance briefcase
  • One owner’s manual
  • One Bombard flag shaft


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